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"Don’t tell me that you love me, because anyone can tell me that. Tell me that I make you tear up with anger and frustration, but at the end of the day you still want to lay down next to me, put your arms around me, and sleep."

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"“two people who were once very close can
without blame
or grand betrayal
become strangers.
perhaps this is the saddest thing in the world.”
― Warsan Shire"

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Honestly, this is better than a good morning text. It’s 4am and you’re thinking about me.

I’m never not reblogging this because this means so much more than any other post I’ve seen and ugh.

this is perfect

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omg this is beautiful

If you don’t reblog this, I’il judge you

Quite sad and tragic and beautiful all at once

this is so beautiful

i just woke up so i couldn’t see properly and i thought they were washing machines…
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i want to take baths with you and hold your dumb hand and rent movies and watch those movies in your bed in our underwear at like 3 in the morning and i want to kiss your stupid face and cook you food and maybe fuck 7 times a night idnno

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